Live Your Jam presents: Polly Doyle’s Inspiring Jam Story

My childhood friend Polly has been helping others for years and was ready for a change. Hear how Polly courageously closed the door on her career of 20 years and opened a new door to live her Jam.


Who Would Moms Bomb?

Moms and Jesus have a lot in common…

As women, we endure a lot of changes after we give birth. Some of the changes have a universal quality to them and we can all relate. Others are individual — specific to our own experiences and interpretations. Some of the changes are fleeting and some are lasting. Some of the changes are transformative. 

Transformative meaning you are forever changed; no going back kind of stuff. For me, my transformation is that my heart is now wide-open. Having an open-heart is really a state of being. I’m not totally sure how your heart gets open. I just know what it feels like and it’s way different than being in your head. The head feels sharp, right, edgy, focused. The heart feels soft, warm, open, supportive.

The open heart sees, feels and absorbs the beauty of the world.

Sonia Choquette

Some people are more open-hearted than others. Old souls, perhaps? Some folks meditate to get that way. I’m pretty sure there are some psychedelics that can make one feel as if their heart is open. Falling in love can give one the feeling of an open-heart.  For me, having children made my heart split me wide open.

Increased compassion for others

All of a sudden, my compassion for others has increased. I see the homeless man on the street and instead of annoying you while he’s hitting me up for money, I realize he was someone’s baby and he has a mother, too. I walk into my favorite restaurant for a much-needed dinner date with my husband and realize that the noise is too loud and the place feels too harsh, edgy….disconnected. My world now needs to be soft and fluid, inviting and warm. So, my and husband and I get takeout and bring it home where there’s plenty of warmth and comfort. 

No wars if moms were in charge

I realize too that there would be no wars if mothers were in power. Who would want to harm another person? Not only is that person someone’s son or daughter, but that person is another human being. And, mom’s know how precious life is – after all, we gave birth. 

Who would Mom’s Bomb?

The bumper sticker, Who Would Jesus Bomb? could easily say, Who Would Moms Bomb? The answer is simple, we wouldn’t bomb anyone, we’d give them love because we know, that’s all there is.


The notion that humans are intended for a certain purpose goes back many centuries. Rumi, a beloved 13th century Sufi poet, wrote extensively about life purpose. He wrote, “Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart”.  The Christian tradition is rich with proverbs and passages from the Bible that discuss God’s calling people to a purpose. Apostle Paul says, “We are God’s handi­work, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” 

Life Purpose: The 3 Stages of Jam — Where are YOU?



Mindfulness and Other Jam News

Happy February! Can you believe it? February! It’s unseasonably warm here in the Bay Area, which allows me to hike a lot, but we do need so much more rain.

I’ve been busy creating content for Live Your Jam’s methodologies – the very ones I’ve used to help me Discover, Live and Spread my Jam.

Here’s what’s I’ve been up to:

How the Enneagram Can Help Find Your Life Purpose

Happy New Year, Jammers! Our Jam is our where our passion and skills meet and we put them to use in our life! Everyone has a Jam. It’s our individual way to live a full life and make the world a better place. So, let’s get intentional about discovering our Jam in 2018!

Discovering your Jam is an inside job. It takes deep inquiry to help you find what you are passionate about. It also requires self-awareness.

What To Do When Your Jam Won’t Spread

My Jam is to help people lead more fulfilling lives by finding their own Jam. Jam is a euphemism for applying our passions to our skills. I launched my site,, which is dedicated to helping others Live their Jam in August of this year. I set out with a business plan, key milestones, and heaps of enthusiasm.

Discover Your Jam

Discover Your Jam

How the Solar Eclipse Spread its Jam

The solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st, was a much-needed surprise for many of us. That morning, I facilitated a meeting with an executive team. We planned a morning break to view the eclipse. Our group walked nearby to the local library and stood among necks of all ages and colors, craned toward the sky. We shared protective glasses and helpful photography tips to capture one of nature’s most epic events.

How to find your Dream Job! – Interview with TOM MCGINNIS VOICE OF THE PHILADELPHIA 76ers

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