Reflection Questions for 2020 through the Pandemic Lens

2020 was a year like no other.  The typical set of Personal Reflection Questions I created years ago to conduct a yearly review, simply won’t do. COVID-19 was a game-changer. And, before we leave it in our dust, it’s important to reflect on how we navigated a year steeped in extremes and unprecedented change. 

Here are a set of pandemic-specific personal reflection questions for 2020.

  1. How would you describe 2020 in just 3 words?
  2. What went well?
  3. What connections did you find yourself grateful for in 2020?
  4. How did you foster resilience? 
  5. What new habit are you most proud of?
  6. What old habit do you need to free yourself from?
  7. How has the pandemic changed you? 
  8. How did you handle the lack of control that 2020 brought?
  9. What did you do this year that you NEVER want to do again? 

Once you have had time to review 2020, then you can move into goal-setting. I recommend reading this inspiring article about people who have built better habits to help them achieve their goals. The article is written by James Clear who is a goal-setting guru. 

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