An Invitation to Create

It’s been awhile since I have reached out. It’s been a busy time resettling in the USA after over four years in Europe. It has been a true homecoming to be reunited with people I love.


2024 is a year of big change. I am returning to full-time work in my field of Organization Development. I have been consulting and coaching to organizations for for almost twenty years and genuinely love working with people and systems to help them reach their full potential. I am grateful for my work and the outstanding leaders I work with.

My biggest creative project for the year will be taking steps to design a new life for myself. After 17 years of marriage, my husband and I will separate and focus on co-parenting our boys. A lot of time and effort has been put into this big decision. I am sincerely grateful for all the beauty that we have created together. I am also excited to create something new for myself while still giving my all to my most important roles — Mom and Working Professional.


Transitions can be planned or forced upon us. And, while each transition is unique to the individual and the circumstances of their life, there are guiding principles, habits, and perspectives that are helpful to navigating them. Given my propensity for change and commitment to personal growth – I’m no stranger to these liminal spaces. I will be learning as I go as well as drawing upon the inner-wealth I have cultivated.

I considered hunkering down through this rebirth process to produce something to help others on their journey when I came out the other side of mine. But, that felt hermetic and too safe. Instead, I will share as I move through the process to create what I want for myself, at this stage of my life, real-time – while it’s happening.


Whether you are going through the process of ending a relationship or a job, or perhaps your children are off to college and beyond, or you are wondering what’s next and you want to pursue a life that has more joy and less fear – whatever transition you are stepping into – I invite you to join me on my journey as you travel along yours.

If you do join me, and I hope you do, here are some clarifications to be helpful.

  • Options to follow along: I’ll send emails via my email list (this is how this email got to you) and also post on my Instagram a link to my website where my short essays will reside. I ask that you share this email with anyone you think would benefit.
  • Sporadic and few emails: The frequency of the emails will be few and sporadic. When I want to share, I will. Today, when I join newsletters of people who interest or inspire me, I almost as quickly unsubscribe because the volume of emails is too much for me to absorb. I won’t flood your Inbox.
  • What I won’t share: It’s human nature to be curious about what happens to others’ relationships when they end. I won’t share those details out of respect for our family.
  • What I will share: My essays will include personal and practical information that will have universal underpinnings we can all relate to. Examples could be:
    • How we can all partner with a loving universe to co-create from our heart not our fears
    • Insights about relationships and their constant cycle of death and rebirth including the relationship we have with Self
    • How acceptance is courageous and can yield peace and possibility
    • How to use the symbols and archetypes in our everyday life to transcend challenges and align with our soul’s purpose
  • My Hope: Is that through sharing my experiences in creating what I want for myself in this next chapter, that there is something ignited, reflected, touched within you that helps you on your journey.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes about change.

It’s not so much that we’re afraid of change, or so in love with the old ways, but it’s that place in between we fear…it’s like being in between trapezes.

M. Ferguson

I look forward to you joining me on the trapeze!

Blessings and light,



  1. Mara Hussong-Maurer | 5th Mar 24

    Would love to be part of the journey ♥️

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  5. StevenLobia | 2nd Apr 24

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    ??Besos i abrazos!! Petons i abracades!!
    Fotografa por vocacion desde los 23 anos, Alejandra Ortiz desembarco en el mundo de las bodas por casualidad y sin grandes aspiraciones
    Eso fue hace tiempo, hoy es una de las preferidas en las que confia la ‘jet-set’ madrilena y entre sus enlaces, el de Lucia Barcena y Marco Juncadella Hohenlohe, o el de Belen Corsini y Carlos Fitz-James Stuart

  8. MartinGlymn | 2nd Apr 24

    Сервис предоставляет надежное бронирование в 2 млн объектах в разных странах мира
    Компания работает с 2011 года, и ее клиентами уже стали свыше 8 млн человек
    Оперативная служба поддержки решит любые вопросы — от заселения в нерабочие часы до несоответствия номера
    На платформе есть возможность оплатить отель за границей картой российского банка

    К слову, проверочный код может и вовсе не приходить, если пользователь ранее привязал банковскую карту к системе и она уже пользователя

    Одна из особенностей Ostrovok
    ru — простой, интуитивно понятный интерфейс
    Выбрав свою дату пребывания и место назначения, вы получите список жилья для размещения
    Вы можете применять фильтры по цене, категории отеля, расстоянию до центра города, другим параметрам, чтобы найти наилучший вариант

    Сервис предлагает путешественникам комплексный подход: здесь можно забронировать не только отели, но и билеты на самолеты, поезда, автобусы, а также купить туры по России и за границу
    Путешествия интегрированы с другими сервисами, такими как Яндекс
    Карты и Яндекс
    Навигатор, что упрощает планирование поездки

    Сделать хороший личный кабинет – удобный для пользования и с компьютера, и с телефона – значит помочь гостю там, где это действительно необходимо
    Адаптация элементов сайта – это веб-технологии, которые доступны любому отельеру
    Такое универсальное решение будет полезно как для постоянных клиентов, так и для единичных, случайных

    Удобство пользования

  9. Parishof | 2nd Apr 24

    Очистка теплообменника: значение

    Столкнулись с подобными проблемами? – Звоните! Мы быстро и качественно выполним все виды работ, необходимые для восстановления нормальной работоспособности вашего оборудования

    Важность регулярной промывки теплообменника

    Заказ, разработка, создание сайтов в студии Мегагрупп

    Разборно-механическая чистка

    С заменой уплотнений и пластин

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