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Daily Archives: February 11, 2024

The Almighty Table

You offer young and old a welcoming spot to sit. Your long back provides space for food and drink to be feasted upon. A perpetual invitation to make memories, center routines, birth conversations, hold hands, and celebrate life. You ask us to come prepared, timely, and ready to partake in grace, community, and presence. For some, you invite to not only play, but to do the work of life.

If you are set and ready to receive but someone does not arrive. Naturally, you wait. Who could forsake the gifts that you offer? Surely they are remiss. You remind them of the beauty and promise you hold. Yet, they still do not come. After awhile, their cutlery and placemat journey back to their respective drawers, and the napkin, with all its utility, travels to the neighboring seat, to serve those who choose to participate.