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Daily Archives: May 30, 2024

Goodbye Sweet Chester

We lost sweet Chester after a cruel and deadly episode of pancreatitus. He fought so hard. I have never been so inspired by an animal.

His whole persona was “Bring It!”. And, on days where I was less enthusiastic about life it was as if he would say, “Let’s just Bring It a little bit.” And, we were off. His list of YES was impressive: funiculars, ferries, cable cars, gondolas, trains, skateboards, bikes (backpack or basket), skateboarding, snowshoeing, car rides anywhere (window down please), long plane flights, and an all-weather wardrobe.

When outside, he was joyful and adventurous. He had the same zeal for a walk around the neighborhood as he did for an all day trek in the Alps.

Chester was found by a dumpster in Berkeley, CA. The irony of such a precious soul mixed with things that are discarded is not lost on me. We get so much more than we give with our animals. It was Chester who enriched our family and expanded our capacity to love each other through our love for him. Everyone who met him loved him. He fit in – everywhere. Indoors, he was a spiritual gangster. Knowing just who needed a cuddle.

He loved his human brothers and tolerated his pushy feline gingers. We all looked to Chester for comfort and fun. He was the first person that Nate checked in with after school. Morning didn’t begin until he was greeted and kissed on his soft furry head. He was the kind of guy we all sought out. Mostly, he could be found next to me. My companion.

I love you my little Man. May your sweet powerful soul rest in peace. I hope we find each other again.