Life Purpose: What does “Live Your Jam” mean?

Jam is our skills applied to our passion. It gives us meaning which is essential for our survival. A question we have all asked is, “What is a meaningful life?” Because we are each unique, the answer varies for all of us. The poet Rumi says, “Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” That “particular work” is our Jam.

I like Rumi’s quote because he uses the word “work”. Whether work is used as verb or noun – it’s active. But, in this reference work doesn’t mean, job. Work means we are actively using our skills for something we are passionate about. For example, a woman who tends to her home garden is someone who could be realizing her desire for particular work. If she has keen gardening skills, then, she’s living her Jam. I like this simple example because it also reveals another truth about living your Jam. We don’t have to make money at our Jam; that’s a fallacy – we can just create because it gives us meaning. Plenty of people have pursued paths for money and found no meaning. And, there are plenty of people who don’t work (as in job) who lead deep meaningful Jam-filled lives.

We human beings are created to seek a path of meaning and purpose. Living our Jam gives us meaning and purpose. Some people find their Jam at a young age – but, for most of us, it takes time.

I often get asked if our Jam changes – it does!. Our Jam can shift and reshape itself and we always need to be open to what we are being called to next.

So, now that you know what Live Your Jam means. Here are four excellent reasons to Live Your Jam (if you are not already):

1) You’ll find out a lot about yourself and it will unlock parts of you that will help you Live Your Jam.
2) You’ll have more joy and less toil in your life.
3) You’ll begin to help others more because that’s what Jammers do; a fulfilled person helps others.
4) You’ll lose that 10lbs. (I’m not so sure about this!) But, you will have less stress and that could help with weight loss!


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