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Happy February! Can you believe it? February! It’s unseasonably warm here in the Bay Area, which allows me to hike a lot, but we do need so much more rain.

I’ve been busy creating content for Live Your Jam’s methodologies – the very ones I’ve used to help me Discover, Live and Spread my Jam.

Here’s what’s I’ve been up to:

  • I’ve created a MeetUp Group where I lead a facilitated hike for people who want to Discover their Jam. The first MeetUp Hike, we practiced mindfulness.  In order to find our Jam, we need a mindfulness practice. A mindfulness practice is any practice where we focus on our thoughts and sensations without judgment. My mindfulness practice is walking in nature. I walk by myself and focus my attention on my breath. When thoughts come in, I gently move them out of my attention and re-focus on my breath.  It’s when I get in this relaxed but focused state, that I’ve found I can really get clear on what I’m being called to or even what’s going on at a deeper level in my life.  It’s where I access my intuition, too. My calling to create Live Your Jam was a result of my mindfulness practice. Some people use yoga or mediation.  You really don’t need a lot of time for a mindfulness practice. Start small. There are meditation apps out there such as HEADSPACE and CALM. Some people take to them right away – if that’s not you –  go for a walk every day and practice mindful breathing.  Keep trying until you find something that works for you. And, remember, just a little practice every day is key.  Whether it’s yoga, meditation or walks outdoors — notice how you feel before and after. Hint: It’s a good thing!
  • I’m giving a talk Essentials for Discovering your Jam on 3/11 at our local library to shape some of my content. I’m also looking for other venues to shape content, give talks, and learn what people are yearning for to Discover and Live their Jam. I’ll keep you posted as some fun venues are in the works!
  • I’ve hired a graphic designer to create some cool templates and material for me. Definitely not my Jam! I’m super grateful to those who spread their Jam with me!
  • I’ve organized a small group coaching cohort to test and refine my virtual Group Coaching Program. We are still looking for one more person to join us. If you are interested, reach out to info@liveyourjam.com and I’ll send you the brochure. I’ve kept the time investment to 1 hour/week coaching sessions and about 45 minutes of homework. (1.75 hours/week for 4 weeks.) A lot of what I offer and direct people to will be designed in quick and sustainable ways. You are still going to have to do the work. But, making the time commitment achievable is critical to taking that first step!
  • I’m working on a content publishing schedule where my digital and print content will go out more systematically.
  • I’m also interviewing some iGen and Millennial’s to understand their thoughts on pursuing a life of Jam. I have no idea where that will lead me, but I think I could play a big role in helping some of the younger generations focus on a life of meaning vs. a life of expectations.

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