How the Enneagram Can Help Find Your Life Purpose

Happy New Year, Jammers! Our Jam is our where our passion and skills meet and we put them to use in our life! Everyone has a Jam. It’s our individual way to live a full life and make the world a better place. So, let’s get intentional about discovering our Jam in 2018!

Discovering your Jam is an inside job. It takes deep inquiry to help you find what you are passionate about. It also requires self-awareness.


Because you will find obstacles along the way to discovering (and living) your Jam. Obstacles like old patterns that don’t serve you or the choice to spend a lot of time wishing for things to be different versus being intentional and doing things differently.

Our ego will trap us, trick us, and try to keep us in fear. Alternatively, our higher-self is fearless and desires to steer us to a life of meaning and purpose. So, how do we let our higher-self drive more often?


Don’t worry. It’s fun! Who isn’t interested in learning more about themself and why they do the things they do?

I’m certified in many psychometric tests and personality behavioral models. But, the one tool that I have found most effective for self-awareness is the Enneagram.


Because it has allowed me to make deeper connections to myself. It helps me understand when my ego is driving my thinking and behavior. And, that understanding helps me to make conscious choices. The Enneagram also helps me to identify self-defeating behaviors – the behaviors that keep me from Living My Jam. I have also used it in my coaching practice with business executives for over ten years with successful outcomes.

The word Enneagram comes from the Greek words ennea (nine) and gram (what is written or drawn). It refers to the nine different Enneagram styles, identified as numbers 1-9. Each number represents a worldview that resonates with your core motivations and fears. This worldview touches upon our personality, thinking, feeling and actions.

I’m a certified Enneagram Coach and learned my Enneagram type over fifteen years ago through a process called the narrative tradition. The narrative tradition is an interactive method whereby a facilitator interviews the nine types in a panel format. The interview questions are paradoxically simple and deep. An example of a simple and deep question is, “How do you experience anger?” or “How do you respond to authority?” Participants have to listen intently for the type that resonates most with them.

I have a bias for the narrative tradition because I believe that people should identify their own type by actively listening to others – not through a test. However, there are many Enneagram assessments available online now that can help people identify their type (or at least the top two or three possibilities for their type). Be warned that a test does not have the answer to your type; you do. So whichever Enneagram test you take, you need to validate the results with your self-knowledge. It’s very common for people to be think they could be a few types when they first learn of the Enneagram. I always encourage people to learn as much about the system and types and keep an open mind. If you still can’t decide on your Type, you can invest in getting an Enneagram Coach and they can help you. I’m not currently helping people type themselves, but I have many gifted colleagues whom I have worked or trained with and list them at the end of this blog as resources for you.

I have tried many of the new Enneagram online tools that range in price and format. The one I like most is free! If you are interested, Go Here for Free Enneagram Test.

As I said at the beginning, discovering your Jam is an inside job. I’m going to continue to introduce you to resources (tools, practices and people) who can help you find your own answers. Enjoy the Enneagram and remember the process of discovering your Jam should be fun. Let go of the angst – that’s your ego holding you back. More soon.

Love and light!
“My Jam is to help people live more fulfilling lives!”


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